Ilanjippara (Mandamangalam-Marottichal) Waterfall

Marottichal is one of the less known hills in Thrissur district of Kerala. The place is a host to several trekkers.

The village of Marottichal is famous for its obsession with the game of chess. On the 18th of May 2017, the BBC’s travel section featured an article on how the game has transformed the village, which was once rife with illicit gambling and alcoholism.A movie by the name of August Club has also been made on the villagers’ obsession for chess. A beautiful place which is still unexplored by eco-tourism.

A place for trecking through forest and two waterfalls are the main attractions, Olakkayam and Ilanjippara. There is not even a sign board other than a small board fixed by forest department. So identifying the entrance of Marottichal Kuthu is bit hard. Two wheelers and other vehicles have to park on road side.


How to reach Ilanjippara waterfall: Thrissur-> Kuttanellur->Marathakkara->Mannuthy byepass-> Puthur->Mannamangalam->Marottichal-> Cheerankund Kuthu (around 6 kms from Kuttanellur).  Private buses are available from Thrissur Town to Mandamangalam.

Then take left through the sides of canal, it is a narrow path. After 10 mnts walk, you will reach the first water fall, Olakkayam. There you could have space for swim and have an open bath. It gives a nice trekking experience and about 3 kms you have to walk to reach the Ilanjippara water falls. Leeches are rare in this area, compared to other forest ranges. After an hour walk, you will reach the main water fall, Sure that you’ll get refreshed by the first sight itself.