Hyundai Creta has a narrow miss with a speeding train.

The fact that the Indian motorists are one of the most impatient ones is well known. We see examples of impatient drivers on the roads when they jump red lights or do not give the right of way to other vehicles every day. However, there are many times when the impatience can become life-threatening. Here is an example of how an impatient Hyundai Creta driver gets a close shave with an express train.

The exact location of this video is not known but there are still thousands of such railway road crossings around the country and most of them are unmanned. The number on the Hyundai Creta indicates that it is from the Punjab region. Most of these road crossings see heavy traffic and stopping the traffic for the train to pass is a sure shot way of losing a few minutes on the road. To avoid this, many motorists try to race against the closing barricades and try to cross over to the other side. Something similar has happened in this video but the person who was driving the Hyundai Creta got stuck between the closed gates.

It is highly dangerous to lift up the barricades when the train is so near. Other people could have jumped in to cross the road. This is the reason why the gates were not lifted for the Creta to cross the road. A few people tried helping the Hyundai Creta and directed to the driver to position the SUV in a way that the train does not hit it. The train can be seen passing at an extremely fast speed near the Creta. The person has not shared the whole video and it is not known if the driver of the Creta received a fine for the stunt he pulled. It is illegal to cross a manned level crossing after it shuts down and the light turns red.

Not only the Creta, a biker can be seen crossing the level crossing at the starting of the video. He bends down and goes under the barricade to cross the road. Many pedestrians and cyclists do that too. Crossing the level crossing like this leads to numerous fatal accidents every year. Even the Hyundai Creta could have been a victim if the level crossing was narrower. The express trains maintain a schedule and to do that they attain very high speeds. It is difficult and next to impossible to bring down the speed of the train suddenly.

A level crossing can be a dangerous place to be and every motorist and pedestrian should follow the rules to be safe. The level crossing shown in the video is a manned crossing but there are still many unmanned crossing where no such barricades are present. While the government is working to make these crossings as safe as possible. It is the duty of the road users to respect the rules and remain safe on the road.

Write Up and Video – Shantonil Nag.