How to fix a punctured tubeless tyre?

There are things that happen to us without any rhyme or reason. A punctured tyre on a bad day is one such example. Apart from running on correct tyre pressure, there’s little you can do to prevent a flat tyre, you can always be ready with a spare tyre and a puncture repair kit in case you are let down on any day by a flat tyre.

Almost all modern day cars now come fitted with tubeless tyres. As the name suggests, these tyres do not have an inner tube and are mounted on the rim or alloy wheel of the car directly. These are as safe and reliable as a tube type tyre but have a major advantage in the form of air not leaking out immediately in the event of a puncture. But what will you do if you encounter a tubeless tyre puncture?

Repairing a tubeless tyre is a quicker process and can be done by the owner himself. Don’t believe us? Well, read on to know how you can repair a tubeless tyre puncture yourself at home.