Hilarious New Zealand Police Recruitment Video getting Viral…

It’s not always easy to recruit the best candidates to become police officers, no matter where you live in the world. But the New Zealand Police recruitment team has a unique way to drive people to the force. They seemingly channel a little Taika Waititi for their latest recruitment video. It plays like it could have been a big screen comedy. Keep in mind, the performers showcased here are all real cops, and some of them even have comedic chops to go with their parkour skills.

We first spotted “Freeze!” at Laughing Squid, but it’s currently lighting up YouTube as one of the most viewed videos of the day. The whole thing is a welcome bit of levity. Constable Zion Leaupepe gets the first speaking role in the video, and she’s joined by more than 70 of her colleagues, with police commissioner Mike Bush making a quick appearance as himself. There’s even a police cat briefly glimpsed in the climatic chase for a surprising four-legged crook. And in an especially cheeky touch, the end credits refuse to name the members of the AOS (Armed Offenders Squad) who took part in the shoot.

Apparently using comedy isn’t a new trick for the New Zealand Police Recruitment crew. Last year, they released a video of Hip Hop Cops that also went viral. If someone ever decides to relaunch Cop Rock, then we’d suggest setting the show in New Zealand and giving the real officers more chances to entertain everyone.