Here’s why you should pay a visit to Sheroes Hangout

The next time you are in Agra, make sure that you stop by at Sheroes Hangout. This small cafe, tucked between trinket shops close to Taj Mahal is hard to miss and is very peppy and inviting.

So, you may ask, what makes Sheroes Hangout different from the many eatouts around Taj Mahal. The cafe is run by five amazing individuals- five women who were acid attack victims. They were unsure about how to go about their lives came together and decided to do something they always enjoyed.

To cook and feed the anyone who walked in.The walls are tastefully done up. The pictures of the women deck the wall that is hand-painted with a riot of colors. Dig into the Singapore noodles or munch on the tasty sandwiches as you chat up with one of the owners. Honey Chilli potato is another hot favorite here. Wash it all down with lime juice or hot chai.

And once you are done, they do not give you a bill. You pay, generously if you can, and have the inclination to, because all the money they get goes into running of the hangout and a fund which helps acid attack victims like them.

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