Girl Slips Off Train, Commuters Grab T-Shirt To Pull Her Up Near Mumbai

A 17-year-old girl had a miraculous escape after she fell off a local train near Mumbai but was pulled up in time by a fellow traveller. A cellphone video of the incident went viral within hours.

The girl, a resident of Diva in Thane district on the outskirts of Mumbai, was travelling on the footboard of a Kalyan-bound train when she slipped, but an alert commuter quickly grabbed her by her T-shirt and held on to her even as another train passed by on the adjacent track. A few seconds later, others helped him pull her back into the compartment.

The incident took place between Ghatkopar and Vikhroli stations on Monday. The girl was given medical help at the Diva station where she got off the train as her hand was bleeding after the incident. The girl was standing close to the door even though the train was not crowded, commuters said.

The girl told the police she was talking on the phone when she lost balance and fell.

Commuting on the rooftop or on the foot board is a penal offence as per the Indian Railways Act. The girl, who is underaged, has not been arrested. If found guilty, she is liable for a prison term of up to 3 months, and/ or fine up to Rs 5,000. The girl told media persons that she had committed no crime. “The railways need to run closed-door locals so no other girl suffers the same fate,” she said, adding that she had no clue who had filmed her. “It was wrong on part of the commuter to shoot me discreetly and circulate the clip,” she said, adding that it is the fourth time she has escaped death.

This year, Central Railway RPF arrested 493 for foot board travel and 68 others for performing stunts. After Monday’s incident, RPF has started a drive against foot board travel and stunts.