Experiencing The Emirates A380 Flight Simulator at #DubaiMall

Want to fly an Emirates Airbus A380? It’s possible at the Dubai Mall.
You can pilot the world’s largest passenger aircraft on the Emirates A380 Experience, a state-of-the art Airbus flight simulator.

Take flight as captain of the Emirates A380 and experience what it’s like to fly the world’s largest aircraft. Soar through the skies on a 30-min flight in our realistic simulator at The Dubai Mall.

  • Take flight as captain of the Emirates A380
  • 30-min flight in our realistic simulator
  • Choose from 12 destinations
  • Get your speed and judgment just right for the perfect landing, guided by your flight trainer
  • Choose the time of day and weather conditions for your flight

What’s Included

  • Entrance pass only, valid for up to 5 people

Absent from the experience is that true ‘full-motion’ feel – where the simulator uses hydraulics to physically tilt forwards, backwards and from side to side to mimic what you’d get on a real aircraft – instead remaining in a stationary position throughout the flight.

Aviation enthusiasts can book their own 30-minute sessions on the A380 for 450AED (A$161) via the Emirates website, but if you’re willing to go early in the morning or after 10:45pm, the same costs just 250AED (A$89) on weekdays.

Source – https://www.ausbt.com.au/take-a-ride-in-the-emirates-airbus-a380-flight-simulator-in-dubai-mall