Engine Driver wakes up Station Master who forgot to wave!

As this goods train approaches Khandala, no one from the station master’s office comes out to wave to the train, as is the standard procedure by Indian Railways.

The driver honks a lot and finally someone comes running out and flashes the green light, but it’s a bit too late. The driver must have lodged a complaint at the next station.

© Rishad Ghiara

The proceeding signal is very much necessary. As the Driver role is only to drive the trains it’s the station master duty to pass the train through his section and pass the train onto next station Generally a cabin was installed before station and after station, the trainmaster of previous station calls next stationmaster that he is sending the train. it is station master and cabin guard which gives the proceeding signal further to go train ahead Generally it’s a two way security digital signals and proceeding signals.

The station master should be fined for the delay. If the situation was red and not green, then a goods train ramming a passenger train from behind can be disastrous. This has happened many times in the past.