Driver’s video on KSRTC Dharmasthala’s pathetic condition goes viral

A video shot by Ramesh, a driver attached to Dharmasthala depot of Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has gone viral. The video, which is widely circulated, has forced top officials of the corporation to sit up, take notice, and visit Dharmasthala to see the situation themselves.

“The depot lacks even basic amenities. The drivers are asked to drive buses that are not in good condition. The depot does not have water even for the conductors and drivers to wash their faces. Sinks are filled with cockroaches. Drivers are compelled to wash their buses, and toilets are stinking. Resoled tyres are being used for buses, and in case of damage, conductors, drivers, and mechanical staff, are forced to compensate the loss. When someone speaks up about the problems, they are threatened of dismissal from service. The staff members are forced to contend with these problems and carry on with their work,” the video explains.

The driver has pointed out that the old diesel machine has become non-functional and it takes hours to fill diesel. At the same time, the new diesel machine that had arrived long back is waiting to be fitted, he has explained.

The staff here also suffer on account of garbage dump in front of the depot door and lack of canteen facility.

Deputy chief mechanical engineer of KSRTC and divisional mechanical engineer of KSRTC visited the depot after noticing the video’s popularity to take stock of the actual situation here. Depot manager of Dharmasthala, Papa Nayak, said that in natural course, some things have become old and hence functioning has become a little sluggish.

He said that expansion of the depot has been undertaken at a cost of Rs 1 crore and the same would be completed by the month end. He however said that disciplinary action would be initiated against those who shot the video in question inside the depot without obtaining prior permission.