Dangerous Overtaking by a private bus on High Range Road..

A Private bus named Comrade making a risky overtake on Neriyamangalam – Munnar Route. We can see the other vehicle reactions. Its horrible and risk for life of the passengers of that bus.

Overtaking on bends carries more risk as it requires that you can see through the corner and clearly tell that there is no traffic coming. Be aware of blind spots created by the vehicle in front.

However, the exit of a bend is often a good place to overtake a heavy vehicle because it may have slowed down to take the bend and won’t be able to accelerate fast out of it. You can use the corner to move into the overtaking position, and as the corner straightens and you can see the road ahead, make use of the lower speed plus your momentum to get by the vehicle. Be aware that if you are following a car, they may also be accelerating out of the bend which can cause a longer overtaking manoeuvre.