Crazy Maruti Swift driver does not want to pay toll; Drives away with barricade [VIDEO]

Indian roads are full of surprises and we often see weird and funny incidents in real life or on video. Here is one more such video from Mumbai that shows something hilarious. The video has been shot just after the Vashi toll and it shows a Maruti Swift zooming away with a barricade stuck to its front.

The video surfaced online and has already become viral. It shows an older generation Maruti Swift on the road with a bright yellow coloured plastic barrier, attached to the front of the car. According to the information available, the car did not pay the toll and drove through the barricaded lane with the blockade. It is not known how far from the toll this incident was captured but it seems that the Swift is still trying to get away and did not want to stop to remove the barrier.

Conflict at toll booths is commonplace, and this one driver has taken it to another level. There’s a video that’s captured a Maruti Suzuki Swift driver driving away from the Vashi toll plaza alongwith a yellow police barricade. From it’s positioning, clearly the driver decided to drive on despite the physical block.

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t reveal what happens eventually but it’s easy to see the driver can’t attain speed having to push the barricade forward, which should serve security personnel in good stead. Such random acts do pose a safety hazard not just to the driver but to other vehicles on the road as well.

Courtessy – Cartoq , Rushlane.