Crazy guys give a hard time to the Train Drivers !

This is such a trauma to the Loco drivers to witness such scenes in their day to day lives seeing people trespassing all over the Railroads. The Loco drivers end up honking through out their Journey and in no time each one would have adapted their own style of honking to clear off the two legged creatures away from the Tracks. Its sad that they have to keep honking continuously to alert the Trespassers.

Whats more painful are these crazy people who continue to remain on the Tracks even after seeing the approaching Train and remain until the last second where the Train is almost closely approaching and they just jump off the Tracks trying out lame stunts in front of the tons and tons of heavy metals.

This Video was captured on 3 different occasions while waiting for the passenger Train , 56503 Karaikal – Bangalore Fast Passenger which arrives soon after this Express trains crosses the Station. This is the time when most of the laborers and daily waged workers finish their work and arrive at the station to board the passenger train which is about to arrive in some time.

This being a small halt station with a very small Platform which can hardly accommodate 5-6 coaches , while the Train is of 15 Coaches people stand out of the Platform limits so that they can get a seat to sit as soon as the Train arrives there by causing a nuisance on Tracks.

Train : S C R 17235 द म रे BANGALORE CITY- NAGERCOIL , SESHADRI EXPRESS, Location : Belandur Road Railway Station.South Western Railways.