Communications between airport staff and pilots made with a flashlight

Here is a video of Ulrich Beinert, one of the coolest pilots ever, he is waving to spotters and giving signals with a flashlight! Thanks at this friendly Pilot!!

It is always with great pleasure that I see a video like this in which there is a good communication between pilot and spotter. When SMC, surface movement control frequency / Tower control gets un operational then we use flash light and communicate via morse code to the tower / ground crew. At times we also use to communicate with the signalling Marshall Man on the ground with a flash light. They all have been trained at all airports around the world. So keep flying safe & high.

The pilot is a key person in airline operations concerned mainly with flying of the aircraft’s on scheduled routes. The Captain or Chief Pilot is in command of a flight, assisted by a co-pilot. Licence for flying is essential to become a commercial pilot.


  • Fly aircrafts on long and short flights
  • Before take-off check pre-flight plans(route and technical details)
  • Attend meteorological briefing
  • Make calculations for take-off and landing
  • Calculate fuel requirements and ensure refueling is done as per requirements
  • Check equipments and instruments
  • Brief the crew
  • Supervise loading conforming to regulations
  • Establish contact with air traffic control for take-off

During flight

  • Interpret the data presented to them on instruments and controls
  • Use their expertise and experience for take off and landing
  • When aircraft is on automatic controls they keep a check on instruments to ensure smooth functioning
  • Maintain contact with air traffic controls and cabin crew throughout the flight
  • Speak to passengers, over the public address system on speed and height, details of ground areas they are flying over, warnings of turbulence and difficult weather conditions
  • Duties are shared usually with one or two co-pilots
  • Ensure safety of the aircraft and passengers and crew on board

After landing

  • Writes a flight report, and details problems or instrument difficulties