Telangana: A mother’s gritty tale of survival

This couple decides to live a respectable life after their family members desert them owing to the inter-religion marriage. Aliya John and husband U Ravindar, natives of Pedda Shankarampet in Sangareddy district, have been married for five years and have two children.

Aliya (25) has been working as conductor with TSRTC Sangareddy depot since two years. With no elder to look after her infant – Sri Ravli, who was born last December, As her six-month maternity leave ended on May 3, Aliya now carries her baby girl to work.

Moved by the plight of the woman, a couple of passengers shot her pictures and circulated in WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networking sites, which went viral. Her husband Ravindar works as a staff assistant at PACS, Pedda Shankarampet.

Aliya, who is a B.Com degree holder, used to work with a private school immediately after their marriage. Later, she joined TSRTC as conductor. The couple was blessed with a boy, Ranganadh Rakshak (3), who is now going to a pre-school at Pedda Shankarampet.

Rakshak spends half of the day in the school and the rest half of the day in the office with his father as there is none to look after the boy at home. While Ravindar’s family distanced themselves from the couple, Aliya’s family vacated Pedda Shankarampet after their marriage.

After her maternity leave ended, Aliya had requested the officials to assign her a job inside the office since there was none to look after her baby.

However, the officials could not find her any office work. Unable to discharge her duty, she went on leave from May 3 to July 23. Since her job was not a permanent one, Aliya was told that she may lose her job.

Hence, Aliya was forced to join duty as conductor on July 23 and carried her baby to work. She is regularly seen on Narayankhed-JBS-Sangareddy bus route.

After the photographs of her went viral online, the RTC officials on Friday asked her to stop coming to work. Speaking to Telangana Today, Aliya said she feared that the unexpected attention from people and media may cost her the job. Some of her colleagues told Telangana Today that she used to find it difficult to feed her baby during the journey, but there was no option left for her.