A story behind Kottayam Bangalore Deluxe Accident

If i remember, i was a regular commuter of Kerala Sate RTC since 2002 in the Bangalore route. Kerala’s First Super Delux was owned by Kottayam Depot and the Service was pretty good. If i could not get that bus, i depend on the Super Fast service from Ernakulam via Salem. i guess those were the only Bangalore services at that time. Later the super fast bus was migrated to the YELLOW BIRD by the Ganesh making lots of changes to KSRTC. Those were good in the initial stage and was commuting on them.

As time goes, the quality of service and the condition of buses went down and i start to depend on Karnataka SRTC which were doing worth at that time. Also most of the buses were returned back to the old generation. In mean time there were few TATA based A/C buses also started from Trissus which were good at the initial stage and as usual went into the past memories soon. All those Airbuses were replaced by the Super Fast. Do you think that for less ticket price, are people ready to take back pain and knee pain? But still the Kottarakkara, Tiruvalla SDAs were running at bad condition. Once i travelled in Kottarakkara (almost an year back) and felt that the Bus body and engine has no connection. Eventhough the buses were at bad condition, they try to maintain the timing. Appreciate it.

After the buses started migration to new SDA [Super Delux Airbus], i again started a couple of travels and the buses are pretty clean and neat. Also they are BEST in maintaining the running time compared to Karnataka SRTC. Recently the blog fans also does a lots of contribution and few stickering works also makes the vehicle more.

But….i travelled last Thursday from Bangalore on Kottayam SDA. Everything went well till 12:45AM. i was asleep and heard a sound. It was a small collision, but the main loss was our KSRTC. Description in Short . Between Salem and Coimbature before the 2nd Toll Plaza. There was a pickup wan trying to cross the road and came ittle cross the road. ATLAS Volvo from left track suddenly moved to right track and the KSRTC on the right track tried to move further into the right, but KISSED the right back corner of the Volvo with its left front corner. [i could have taken a pic. But i missed it]. Later police being called and some discussions etc etc. Both the buses were in running condition, however the front passenger door of the bus is jammed and could not be opened. Pvt Volvo want to leave at the earliest to reach its destination as the passengers. After discussion, police agreed them to be releaved after signing at Police Station and they proceed with that. As a KSRTC commuter, we are asked to get down the vehicle through Drivers Door [only possible at that moment]. They told that another bus will be arranged. i was so anxious . A TSR Super Express came from Bangalore and we had to get in that bus. SDA to SE . i have asked the conductor of SDA that the bus is in running condition, why can’t we go and drop passengers as same as private. The answer was NO, we can’t do. Luckyly there were seats available except for one passenger. Imagine if no seats, we have to stand and travel . If there was no bus to come from Bangalore????? After reaching TSR, they arranged in another SF to my location. A complete transformation of SDA – SE – SF… After this journey what is my outcome? Body pain, leg pain and the time loss.

What private does, they drop you in your location at the same comfort. Harldly you lose 1-2 hours max.i had a similar incident in same Highway with Karnataka SRTC. It met an accident with Car. They called highway police, raised an FIR. Took the police paper and continued the Journey and dropped the passengers. So what needs to be improved? i am still thinking twice to book a ticket in Kerala SRTC

Experience of Mr Gismon Joseph shared on our Facebook Page

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