Serial Numbers Given For KSRTC Buses

We were getting a tremendous number of requests from our readers to publish an article about the serial numbers aka serial codes (Bus codes) given for Kerala State Road Transport Corporation buses. So here i am publishing this article to all who are unaware about this series codes or bus codes.

We all know that, In Kerala, the number series KL 15 is reserved for the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) buses. For eg. KL 15 7966 is an Ashok Leyland KSRTC bus with vehicle code RAK-786.

So lets start with the history of bus code. The bus code is making from the word “TRANSPORT”. Earlier, during 70’s the bus codes started like giving single letters T, R, A, N, S and P. Every series contains 1,000 number of buses.

  • R‘ series: 1970
  • A‘ series: 1976
  • N‘ series: 1980
  • S‘ series: 1984
  • P‘ series: 1987

There is an other single digit code. which is “D” given for the depot vans of KSRTC.

Later, the combination of two letters along with the first letter, ‘T’ has started.

  • ‘TR‘ series: 1990
  • ‘TA‘ series: 1993
  • ‘TN‘ series: 1995
  • ‘TS‘ series: 1997
  • ‘TP‘ series: 1999

Along with this series, during the period of 1994-1999, Almost 144 buses came to the fleet of KSRTC from their own Edappal Regional Workshop and body building unit with a special bus code ‘TE‘.

And there are few “Tanker” lorries for KSRTC with a special series “TT” We had TT-1 to 10, when KSRTC was having the Tractor Trailers (Tractor by AL and Trailers by Hyderabad Allwayn)

KSRTC is also having a couple of Ambulances with a special series “AV”

Next turn after that letter ‘T‘ was ‘R‘. So the next set of series started with ‘RT‘ in 2004 and having 1,000 buses in that series. Almost all the buses in that series was Hi-tech buses introduced by ex-transport minister Ganesh Kumar.

Later, in 2006, ‘RR‘ series buses were introduced. In that RR 1 to RR 54 are outsourced buses. Then KSRTC has started building bus body in their own Central and Regional Workshops. KSRTC is having one Central workshop, which is situated at Pappanamkode in Thiruvananthapuram and 4 regional workshops in Mavelikkara, Aluva, Edappal and Kozhikkode.

55th bus in RR series was ‘RRK 55’, body built by Kozhikkode Regional Workshop Of KSRTC. So they have added an additional letter to the series to mention the code of workshop. The codes given for the workshop are

Central Works Pappanamkode,
Regional Workshop Mavelikkara M
Regional Workshop Aluva A
Regional Workshop Edappal E
Regional Workshop Kozhikkode K

The corporation introduced 20 TATA Globus AC Air Buses in RR series, ie from RR 201 to RR 220

These buses are now converted to Super Fast buses.

KSRTC had 30 Super Deluxe Air Buses, ie from RRC 950 to RRC 979

In 2008, RA series has started.

RA 100, RA 101 and RA 102 was our volvo buses which was running from Thiruvananthapuram to Bangalore.

RN 765 and RN 766 are the present double decker buses

RN 777 is the one and only Vestibule bus of KSRTC

Every 1,000th bus of each series (ie after RAX 999, the next was 15000) is mentioned by a number like 11000, 12000, 13000, 15000 etc. This indicat the number of buses introduced by KSRTC till the date.

At Present RP series is going on.

Volvo Multi Axle Buses are given the serial numbers with RS.

Buses introduced under the scheme of JnNURM is denoted by a special series “JN
JnNURM buses in Ernakulam : JNK
JnNURM Buses in Thiruvananthapuram: JNT 

T R A N S P O R T – Single Letters like, T, R, A, N, S and P

T R A N S P O R T – TR Series
T R A N S P O R T – TA Series
T R A N S P O R T – TN Series
T R A N S P O R T – TS Series
T R A N S P O R T – TP Series

T R A N S P O R T – RT Series
T R A N S P O R T – RR Series
T R A N S P O R T – RA Series
T R A N S P O R T – RN Series
T R A N S P O R T – RS Series
T R A N S P O R T – RP Series (Next Change)

Future series will be like AT, AR, AA, AN, AS and AP. I hope you got the trick. 🙂

Please do let us know, if there is any mistakes or changes need to be updated with this.  🙂 🙂



  1. Hello
    Thankyou for this info, most of which I was given on my visit to Trivandrum in february 2010.
    It is good to have it set out clearly
    It would be good to have first and last bus numbers for each year too.

  2. Nice data. For historians. Do you have any idea
    (1) When was the bus service started in Kerala (Travancore) from where to where?
    (2) Who inagurated it?
    (3) What was the fare, bus model, number
    (4) What happened to that bus?

  3. So what will be the series after PP.
    Also mention about DD (Double ducker) and other such series that were given for buses that existed in trivandrum city. Also I think a different series is given for workshop vans of the regional workshops. Then what about drivers training vehicle?

  4. oh what a wonder full article .i think even the ksrtc officials will learn the history of bus cods from this article .thank u administrator

  5. Always wondered what those codes stood for. Now when I see a KSRTC bus, I will know where they were built. Thanks for the info.

  6. S’Series started prior to 1984..First 50 buses were body built & imported from TamilNadu…S.19 @CGNR,S 20& S 21 @TVLA,S 22 @ CHRY S 47 Boeing EXpress Of Trivandrum..

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