A bitter experience by Tinku on a KSRTC Super Fast Bus !!

My name is Tinku. Last Sunday (07th Dec 2014:Time:12:43 PM) I travelled from Aluva to Trichur on KSTRC Bus No: KL 15 9761 RSE 200(Trivandrum Dipo).The bus fare to the destination was Rs 51(Ticket No:116214).Unfortunately I had only a 100 and 500 Rupee note and also gave a one rupee coin to him. After giving the same conductor didn’t speak even a single word and I asked for my balance amount and he rudely told that he had also no change with him and want me to give him exact amount.

So i waited till the bus reached Trichur whether he will give change whenever he gets. But he didn’t give me the balance. After when bus reached Trichur I asked for my balance again. I also saw physically the change with him. When I asked for balance he rudely told me to give the exact amount and went to have for lunch. So I asked him to give the amount and informed to make change for him. But he refused to give. I was in hurry and I want to reach Perinthalmanna as earlier as possible. Then I wandered in the stand for 30 mints for the change and no one is willing to give the change at that time. After around 45 mints when I got the change I gave the same to him.
I didn’t see such a human being in my life. He even called me and my mother some bad words. What is the mistake that I do? Please take severe action against him. No other passengers will not suffer again for the same.

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