Kerala State Road Transport Corporation’s (KSRTC) buses have a life of only 15 years after which they cease being stage carriers.

It is the responsibility of the driver to come half-an-hour before his/her duty time and do regular check-ups like diesel level, water in the radiator, air in the tyres, condition of tyres, easy opening and closing of the doors, window shutters, brakes, etc.

Did you know this too?

There is also a mechanical inspection which includes particulars like coolant level, oil, re tightening of nuts and bolts, fixing of anything broken, etc.

According to a KSRTC official, in addition to the inspections mentioned above, they also have daily, weekly and once in six months checks.

He adds, “All buses are provided with a First Aid box, fire extinguishers, additional brackets on diesel tanks and joints, speed governors and other basic safety gadgets. Further pollution level is checked every six months for old buses.”

He further adds, “These buses are now equipped with very efficient hand brakes also.”

Did you know that too?

It was also mentioned by the same official that training programmes are part of KSRTC employee schedule. They, according to him, are tutored during their appointment, have refresher training as and when new models of buses are introduced. The minimum experience level of a driver is three years.

But these facts are difficult to believe for a common man. Because they tend to believe what they see.

Parvathi, an MBA who has just graduated says, “However good the condition of the bus may be, the KSRTC buses continue to play havoc on roads. Most try to edge their way irrespective of the traffic.”

Vinod Mani, an employee in a private firm, says, “As a passenger of the KSRTC, the buses are fast and we feel good since we reach our destination early. But if you are outside the same bus and on road, then the same thing turns into a real monster with its rash driving.”

Rema Haridas, an associate professor of NSS Women’s College, says, “KSRTC drivers are usually rash. Many scooter accidents happen because of this. They are most dangerous to two wheelers.” She adds, “There is often a competition between private and KSRTC buses which leads to many accidents. At times, they are also a little careless.”

Nikunj (name changed), a government employee, says, “KSRTC bus driving is rash especially while overtaking. Also, they do not give space for vehicles which are on its side. This arrogance is because they are never prosecuted.”

There are a few people like Joy, a vegetable vendor, and Kiran, a student, who says KSRTC driving is much better than private buses. Perhaps they are right but the comparison could have been better.

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The buses are maintained well but the arrogance while driving is on top gear | Written by Dinesh Kumar on