I travelled in a dx bus last month from Bangalore to Kerala in the Salem route. I am not telling the exact schedule details. At the toll booth, the conductor was sleeping when it was stopped.

The driver had to blow the horn for 2 minutes at least to wake him up(conductor) to get the toll amount. So, a conductor is not really stopping the driver from sleeping as the conductor himself is sleeping. Once it reached PGT there was a crew change and the bus was idle at the PGT station more than 45 mins. Once the new driver came from PGT, he was keep on complaining the driver from Bangalore to PGT is not maintaining the bus well.

According to him the other depot driver are not maintaining the bus properly and won’t report any mechanical or electrical damage even if it is present. He blamed the first driver for keep on flashing the headlight and spoiling the headlight switch lever. There is no co-operation between the drivers from 2 different depots. This clearly indicates that 2 drivers from the same depot are necessary in dx and volvo buses where standing ticket is not allowed and most of the time it will be only the reservation ticket.

I am not blaming the existing crew. It is not their fault. It is the management’s fault that they are not allowing the driver cum conductor system.

Story by: Gibin Mathew