Bitter Experience from a KSRTC Conductor

Sanu Joseph is a daily traveller of KSRTC, who always use KSRTC for commutation if a service is available in the route. Lets have a look at an incident in which he has come across recently.

On 5th Nov i had a bitter experience from one of the worst conductors of KSRTC. Since me and my friends get into 4 KSRTC buses daily we are having a good rapport with the drivers and conductors of our route. On 5th Nov my TVM SF was late i was forced to get into Kollam Fast starting from Alpy Depot. it was RNC 882 of Haripad Depot.

I gave him Rs.101/- for a ticket that costs Rs 31/- He neither gave me the balance nor said a word about it. When the bus reached Ambalapuzha one lady board the bus and she too gave Rs 106/ for a ticket to Kayamkulam which cost Rs.36/ without saying anything he gave her back Rs70/- . Seeing this i reminded him that he hasnt given me the balance, suddenly he started insulting me by saying rubbish words to me in front of other passengers. My co passengers whom we used to travel in my daily bus was watching all these things.

Again when i reached Haripad Stand where i want to alight i asked him for the change he gave Rs. 120/- to another lady and asked me to get change from her.Since my second bus was about to start I repeatedly asked him for the chage. The bus was full from Alpy onwards and majority gave change and he was having enough change with me but he hesitate to give me he balance. I decided to stop the bus from moving out from the stand so i stood in the front of bus.

All the passengers and the mass in the stand supported me. Even a checking inspector asked him to get the change from the depot but he didnt…. when i gave a complaint against him to District Transport Officer, the reply i got is that he is not a permanent employee.Such conductors should be send out of KSRTC for the best future and existence of KSRTC. After the complaint i havent seen him in that bus. but last day again i saw him in a Karunagapally ordinary starting from haripad stand at 8.45 am.