No Harassments from “Kili’s”, No bad words from Conductors of the red killers. Everything is now simple and easy. KSRTC’s new low floor AC Volvo buses are better and safer than any buses in Cochin.

“Crowded private buses in city are a nightmare for many. It is common to see women being sexually harassed in crowded buses even in core areas of the city, day or night. In addition to male passengers, conductors also behave indecently, like leaning on women when there is space otherwise.” Says Mrs Latha from Fort Kochi to KSRTCBlog.

“In most of the private buses, they will not enforce the rules on reserving seats for women, compounds problems. Often buses do not go till the last destination at night, forcing passengers to get down couple of stops before their destination”, she added.

Many womens now started preferring the Volvo buses introduced by Kerala state road transport corporation under the Jnnurm fundings. These buses are Safe, Easy and Affordable to travel in city.


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