KSRTC Blog Whatsapp Helpline – Get Connected with KSRTC

Team KSRTC Blog is hereby introducing our next service for the KSRTC travelers and well wishers. KSRTC Blog is introducing a Whatsapp Helpline number for the frequent travelers of KSRTC (Kerala) for sharing their problems and updates with KSRTC Blog as well as to get latest information from the Team KSRTC Blog.

The new helpline number, 7034200044, can be used to send text, images and video clips of anything related to KSRTC to the Team behind the website https://www.aanavandi.com/blog. We do also provide latest updates and information related to KSRTC through the broadcasting feature of Whatsapp. All you have to do is to send a message to the above number to register yourself with us.


Other than sending the images, videos on the popular messaging App, people can also email them to our email: [email protected]://www.aanavandi.com/blog and can share it on our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ksrtcblog) as well.

https://www.aanavandi.com/blog, An Unofficial Blog for KSRTC is managing by a group of young energetic people since 2008 has various products and services for the people who depends on KSRTC which includes

1) KSRTC Blog – https://www.aanavandi.com/blog – Everything About KSRTC

2) KSRTC Bus Time Search – www.ilovemyksrtc.com (Data entry is going on)

3) KSRTC Image Gallery – http://images.https://www.aanavandi.com/blog (Thousands of KSRTC Bus Pictures with search options)

4) KSRTC Blog Whatsapp Helpline

The above helpline number will be available online from 08.00 AM to 08.00 PM Everyday

Incoming calls to the above number will not be accepted at present.

So, Don’t wait, Just open up your contacts and save this number (7034200044) as “KSRTC Blog” and get connected with us.  🙂

Cheers – Sujith Bhakthan, Editor – KSRTC Blog