Hike in bus fare to hurt Malayali commuters from Bangalore

Private bus owners have increased the fares from Bengaluru to Kerala as the entry tax announced in the State Budget 2014 came into practice.

The charges have gone up by Rs100 to Rs400 on weekdays, and up to Rs700 on weekends and holidays, for both AC and non-AC buses.

This is the aftermath of the state government’s decision to increase the taxes of private buses, specifically for those buses that are registered in other states. The fare rise will reflect not just on the Bengaluru buses, but on all of those that are registered outside the state.

The tax rates would vary from Rs1500–Rs6000. Big percentage of the buses running from Bengaluru to Kerala are of Karnataka registration. With the hassles in getting train tickets, and lesser choices for comfort in the badly managed Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) buses, this new fare hike would dig deep holes in the commuters’ pockets.

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