Golden Memories with KSRTC Thiruvalla – Bangalore Super Deluxe Air Bus

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I have been traveling in the route Bangalore – Thiruvalla for last few years and I was preferring The Super Deluxe Air Bus by KSRTC for the comfort which the best providers. This was one of the reasons that i opted our Kerala RTC Bus for a class trip from my college to Cochin And Alleppey.

I had booked the tickets just a couple of days before the journey. And it was a Wednesday which we traveled in the bus to Cochin. As i have booked the whole bus (38 Seats). I arranged a pickup from my College that is situated in Marthahalli. (Outer Ring Road, Bangalore). Marthahalli is just 13 kms from Silk Board.

I booked the whole bus for our return journey also. We all boarded in the bus from Alleppey to come back to Bangalore. Also the bus started from Alleppey at 6.30 Pm instead of starting by 3.20Pm,

Here is a quick summary of the trip.

4.00 Pm – I reached Satellite Bus Station To bring the bus near to my college. Conductor went to the counter for getting the reservation list and we started from there by 4.30Pm.

6.00 Pm – The bus reached in front of our college (New Horizon College Of Engineering) ie in Outer Ring Road Near to Bellandur and Marthahalli.

6.30 Pm – We left the college.

7.15 Pm – We reached SilkBoard and entered into the Hosur Road. The driver took the new elevated highway and he was enjoying the clean road.

We all were enjoying in the bus by talking, dancing, singing each other, Even if the bus doesn’t had any Music System. Everyone was in the full mood of the trip. At the first, after seeing the bus, my classmates started noise. But after entering into the bus they have noticed the comfort and cleanliness of our bus.

9.15 Pm – We reached Krishnagiri and the bus stopped there in Uthayya Hotel for the Dinner. After a long break of almost an hour, we resumed our journey. The driver was really enjoying the Tamil Nadu Roads.

4.00 Am – We reached Wadakancheri. Our volvo was waiting for our bus there in wadakkancheri, because they have met with some engine failure. All the passengers of the Volvo bus (Unfortunately there were only some 15) (The conductor gave the refund it seems) tried to get a seat in our bus. But the conductor was helpless regarding that issue and he didn’t allowed anyone to enter into the bus. There is a rule that “No standing is allowed in Super Class services”.

6.15 Am – We reached Ernakulam. The bus dropped us in MG Road, infront of Shenoys Theater. And went to Ernakulam Bus Station with empty seats.

After that we went to Athirappalli and Vazhachal waterfalls, Fort Cochin etc in  a tourist bus which i had booked earlier. The next day again we all went to KSRTC Bus station to catch a bus to Aleppey. Because we wanna goto Alleppey for a Cruise in House boat for two days.

After reaching the bus station, everyone got surprised after seeing the Advertisement of our college there. Zonal officer Mr Jayaraj helped me to get a bus to take everyone to Alleppey We got a Kollam/Chathannoor fast passenger bus from there. And we started from ernakulam by 10.00 Am and reached in Alleppey bus station by 11.15Am.

After two days of boating in Alleppey, i had arranged the Thiruvalla Bangalore deluxe bus to wait for us in Alleppey bus station. ATO of Thiruvalla Mr Shenoy and Vigilance Officer Mr Gopalakrishanan helped me a lot to delay the bus to 6.30 instead of 3.30. We all reached in Alleppey bus station by 6.00Pm and we started from there by 6.30Pm.

We stopped for a dinner break in Chalakkudi and we reached Bangalore by 7.00Am. By the way the trip gave me an excellent lesson regarding the responsibility of a tour organizer. Also enjoyed an excellent trip in my favorite bus.



  1. Those guys got confused when we reached ernakulam bus station. Some people asked me,

    "Sujith, Is this a bus station in Karnataka?"

  2. nice experience for a trip in one of our KSRTC buses. but are our buses clean actually when we take the case of the interiors? most of the times, the ceiling and windows sides are dirty. do not know the case of the SD bus though since I have not traveled in those buses.

  3. Hi rahul, u should see the present conditions of our super deluxe air buses. Yesterday i saw RRC 954 (i guess) in Satellite bus station, which belongs to Kozhikkode Bangalore route. My heart got broke down after seeing that bus. TN series ordinary buses are looking better than that.

  4. Sujith, at last u did that right? u took everyone by ksrtc bus? hmm…. good good.

    by the way, will they give pick up like that? Also will they delay the bus timings if u book the whole bus?

  5. wow….a trip to kerala from an engineering college in bangalore by our KSRTC delux bus… unbeliebale… Sujith.. this shows that you have more influence among your collegues than KSRTC authorities…

    To the rest…. please dont try to convince your collegues at office/work to try the same…… 🙂

  6. sujith, so atlast u did that. congrats man….

    even i had planned a tour trip like this when i studied in Bangalore. But unfortunately it got flopped.

    By the way is there any discounts for bulk booking? or any commission or something?

    Karnataka rtc provides some discount if you are booking the return tickets.

  7. Nice and informative article,very interesting too,wonderful experience,Thanks for sharing this blog with us.