Why do roads have yellow or white lines on them? Here’s the reason..

We all travel by road multiple times in a day. But have you noticed why some roads have white solid line running on them while others sport yellow blocked lines? Why are some roads patterned with block white lines while others with yellow solid lines?

These are some basic traffic rules that one must be acquainted with. And in order to get you back to the basics of it, here is a short glossary on road patterns.

Solid White line:

Solid white lines running in the middle of the road indicate that you must not change lanes and should stay in the lane you are already in.

Double solid yellow lines:

Two parallel solid lines indicate that you ought to keep on your side and must not cross these lines.

Broken white lines:

These lines indicate that you are allowed to change your lane but with caution.

Solid yellow line:

A solid yellow line in the middle indicates that passing or overtaking other vehicles is permitted but cannot cross the yellow line while doing so.

So the next time you hit the road, you know which part of the line you are supposed to keep your vehicle.