Meet Santhosh, the KSRTC driver who has mastered the art of saving fuel

Irinjalakuda: Even though the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation is neck deep in debt, drivers like Santhosh offer some reason for optimism. This driver from Irinjalakuda KSRTC unit ensures that fuel is invariably saved. He has been receiving an allowance of Rs 100, from the KSRTC for the past five months. This allowance is given by the KSRTC to drivers who ensure fuel efficiency.

Santhosh Balan of Gothuruthi house in Chirattakkunnu, Vallivattom, is popular with passengers also as he ensures smooth, cautious driving that avoids jerky gear shifting.

He drives on the Irinjalakuda-Mananthavady route that covers a total of 567 kilometers. The normal fuel consumption on this route would be 130 to 140 liters. But if it’s Santhosh on the driving seat, it would remain below 110 liters.

Santhosh says fuel efficiency can be improved by driving at the same speed for longer periods, avoiding frequent gear shifting. Driving at night and in less busy traffic also helps reduce consumption.

Santhosh has been with KSRTC for the past nine years. He was in Chalakudy initially but later shifted to Irinjalakuda. His driving, which has become reputed for fuel efficiency, is an inspiration for other drivers as well.