In wake of repeated accidents caused by errant KSRTC and KURTC drivers, the authorities concerned have launched corrective measures and it is learnt that they have decided to continue with this process every two to three months. According to N G Pradeep Kumar, KURTC Special Officer, the training for KURTC drivers is being conducted at the Staff Training Centre at Angamaly and the programme will be continued till July 17th.

“A refresher course is in progress at the Staff Training Centre at Angamaly. This course is being conducted in wake of the Thrissur incident, in which two visually challenged cricketers were killed when a KURTC driver accidentally switched a wrong gear. The classes are being conducted by driving instructors from Volvo India Private Ltd, based at Bangalore. Our three Vehicle Mobility Officers are also attending the programme,” said N G Pradeep Kumar. The instructors will rectify mistakes, if any, committed by drivers, he added.


Meanwhile, KSRTC’s Chairman and Managing Director Antony Chacko, told ‘Express’ that there is no need for any special training as these buses are gearless ones.

“As no mechanism is involved in steering gearless buses, I think there is no need for any special training. We are providing a proper in-house training of five days for the drivers. The training is not some thing special. It’s a regular process. At the end of the day what matters most is attitude problems,” said Antony Chacko.

When asked about the progress on disciplinary action taken against the driver responsible for the Thrissur accident, KSRTC CMD said that the driver has been debarred from operating any low floor services. He also added that decision has been taken to reposition the shops at the Thrissur bus stand. “Repositioning of shops at the bus stand is on the cards. The shops will be rearranged in such a way so that the commuters get more space. It has also been decided to provide median like space between two buses so that commuters can move freely in between the two,” said Antony Chacko.

News: New Indian Express