Prior to the inauguration of Kochi Metro on June 17, Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL) officials has honouered hundreds of employees who worked hard day and night to make the dream of Kochites come true, by giving them traditional Kerala Sadya(feast).

The sadya was served as lunch on Monday afternoon to around 500 – 600 labourers working at various sites of Metro. At S S Kalamandir auditorium on T D Road, workers were welcomed with music around 1pm while caterers were busy readying green banana leaf on the tables with sumptuous spread of rice and more than nine vegetable dishes, two payasam and pappadam.

Though they were not afraid of big machineries and the difficult works awaiting them at the sites, many of them got perplexed by the sudden attention from the cameramen and the Kerala feast readying in front of them. But, soon they overcame the confused state and young workers took to mobile phones to click selfies of them having Sadya. This was first time all of them having Kerala feast.

Photos – Kochi Metro FB Page
It has been a long journey for the whole team of Kochi Metro Rail Limited, and we would like to take a bow to all our fellow labourers and other workers for doing their part in making our Kochi’s dream, a reality.
Most of the workers who attended the feast were from Assam, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu and Bihar.

Video – Manorama News

Yusaf Ali from Assam said, “I have been working here for the last eight months and this is my first sadya. I enjoyed it very much”.
Meanwhile, KMRL officials also enjoyed the feast with the workers. “We discussed about giving Metro workers feast with the government, which readily agreed to it. We could not bring all the workers here”, said KMRL MD Elias George.