KSRTC Bus From Pathanamthitta – Gavi – Kumaly

KSRTC is running an Ordinary bus service from Pathanamthitta To Kumaly Via the hilly forest tracts of Moozhiyar, Kochu-Pampa, Pachakkanam and Gavi.

The bus connects the places Chittar, Seethathodu, Angamuzhi, Kakkad Hydo Electric Project Area, Kakki Dam, Anathodu Dam, Pamba Dam, Gavi, Vallakadavu and Vandiperiyar.

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For More Details, Contact
KSRTC Pathanamthitta: 0468 2222366
KSRTC Kumaly: 0486 2323400

കാനനക്കാഴ്ച്ചയുടെ ലാസ്യഭാവമാണ് ഗവി. നിത്യഹരിതവനങ്ങളുടെ ഖനി, ആനകളുടെ സാമ്രാജ്യം. കെ എസ് ആർ ടി സി ബസ്സിൽ ശരിക്കും ആസ്വദിക്കാവുന്ന ഒരു യാത്ര തന്നെയാണ് പത്തനംതിട്ടയിൽ നിന്നും ഗവി വഴി കുമളിക്കു പോകുന്നത്. ഈ ബസ്സ് സർവീസിനെ കുറിച്ചുള്ള കൂടുതൽ വിവരങ്ങൾ ഇവിടെ വായിക്കുക.


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gavi bus 1.

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  1. Its really a good serive from ksrt corporation. people wish to visit gavi should avail this facility. This is the one service which is known all over kerala. Hope ksrtc will continue this service as it is running in huge loss.

  2. Me and my wife travelled two times to see the natural beauty. It was so nice. We wish KSRTC all the success. We request the public to use this service since the expence is so cheap. We can get down at Gavi and can spend almost three hours there and when the same bus come from Kumaly to return to Pathanamthitta, we can come back to pathanamthitta. This journey is so safe, nothing to fear. Wild animals will not do any harm.

  3. we travelled two times from Perunad to Kumaly. It was so nice to travel through the forest in a bus by seeing the hills, valleys, rivers, dams, birds and animals. it was actualy a trip through the heart of the nature. I suggest everyone to have a journey like this. The expence is very cheep with our KSRTC. We can get down at Gavi and can spend more than three hours there. Then only the same bus will come back from Kumaly to Pathanamthitta.

  4. P:T:A: yil ninnum kumaliyileekku yathra ..orikkalum marakkatha ormakalayi manasil ennennum mayathe kidakkum……… Love u very much

  5. Very useful information , i can enjoyed a little much beauty of gavy in the film named ordinary, i wish that i visit there with my future partner 🙂

  6. ordinary film kandappozhanu ee sthalam aadyamayi kelkkunnathum kanunnathum….. sthalam valareyathikam ishtappettu, netil search cheythu kooduthal ariyan shramichappozhanu ee comments kanunnayh… daivam sahayichal gaviyil pokanam………..

  7. Ordinari film kandappo muthalulla agrahhaa
    gaviyil varanam
    iam a gavi boyyy
    enikku pattioru gavi girl undavuoo avidee

  8. Ordinari film kandappo muthalulla agrahhaa
    gaviyil varanam
    iam a gavi boyyy
    enikku pattioru gavi girl undavuoo avidee

    This is my number

    gavi visit cheytha arelum undenkil
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  9. I am from Kumily. Those who wish to have a close observation on nature and wild life, this is the cheaprest and best oppurtunity. The normal bus route from Kumily to Pattanamthitta is through Peermade-Mundakkayam-Erumeli-Pattanamthitta. A distance of nearly 140 kilometere is covered within 5 hours. Where as the journey from Kumily via Gavi towards pattabamthitta is around 108 km which takes 6 hours !!!

    A ever memmorable journey where we are getting a chance of viewing major kind of kerala forests. thick forests, dense forests, rain forests, grassy mountains and even through beautiful tea plantations. It is 100% sure that we will confront any major wild animal may be a wild bohr, deer, elephant, fox, wild pig, monkeys, rare species of birds if too lucky a distant glimse of a tiger. Moreover passing through 5 major dams and reservoirs of kerala.

    Also having an exact village hot cuisine in one stop over (Kochu Pampa)

    Can you imagine a bus driver holding steering in one hand and holding dagger on the other hand to cut the trunk of the trees to drive ahead (These things I had seen in the earlier sages of journey. it might not be happenng now)

    Each aspect that I explain can may be achieved through journeys in different locations. But right now this is only jouney availabel in kerala where all these aspects are blended together.

    There are much more to explain by words. But is it nice to experience this trip once. I would be happy if my words encouraged and somebody made a dash to it.


  10. I wish to visit Gavi. But I happened to hear that the road to Gavi from Pathanamthitta is rough and risky. Is that true? Is it safe? Help me guys…Expecting a reply from a Gavi boy or one who went to Gavi through the above mentioned road…Plz help me…

  11. Hi,

    I am from cochin and I wish to drive to gavi with my friends on motor-bikes. There are 6 of us and all are experienced riders, who been to most of the Ghatts in Kerala. Somehow, we never made the ride through Gavi and would like to know the formalities involved in making the trip from “pathanamthitta – gavi – kumily” on motorbikes. It would be awesome if somebody who been to Gavi, help us with some questions we have in mind:
    1. Is it allowed to ride through the proposed route on motorbikes?
    2. are there any formalities involved, like getting a clearance from the forest checkpost, if we try ride to Gavi from Pathanamthitta?
    3. whom to contact if we are to get sanction/clearance from the Kerala Forest Dept?
    4. we would prefer staying not at the Kerala Forest Dept lodges, but some other cheap alternative, like a homestay. would we get accommodation in Gavi for a night without hurting our purses much?

  12. dear sir./ mam,
    i wish 2 travel by bus from kumily 2 trivendrum.
    wht r bus timings of keralartdc.?
    is there any night bus available from kumily 2 trivendrum?
    i feel bus timings will serv my purpose .
    pls guide me

  13. Will private vehicles be allowed from gavi through kakki reservoir to reach achan kovil road.

    do i need to take any special permission to reach gavi.

  14. Best travel experience I ever had in life.Infact it’s an extravaganza
    which the mother nature alone could offer.Waterfalls,Dams,dense forests,
    Valleys,Meadows,Elephants,butterflies in rare colors,other endagered wild species
    …list goes on and a nature-lover can’t ask for more..

    Hats off to engineering excellence who paved out such an astonishing tarred road
    through heart of periyar tiger reserve.Appreciate PWD,Forest Department,KSEB
    and other allied services for their stupendous efforts for maintaining
    this wild route in the best possible way.

    Special mention of the KSRTC bus driver(not sure of his name),for that thrilling
    ride,piercing mist,rains and wild shades, reminscing me of caravan drivers in
    Arabian desert safaris…Hardly you see vehicles on the way, and infact you cross
    even more elephants:):)…Assume it would be risky to take a private ride unless
    you are an expert in high range drives…

    Anxiously waiting to visit this place one more time,if possible at the earliest:):):)

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