Harishree bus is the ‘most-wanted’ offender in Kerala

Harishree, a private bus plying on Kannur-Iritty route, may be the ‘most-wanted bus’ in Kerala. The bus has been caught on the speed detection camera 156 times for crossing the 80 kmph mark and the owner of the bus hasn’t even paid a single penalty.

The MVD, which hasn’t taken any action against the bus than sending notices, has now decided to act tough. The department has decided to suspend the licences of the drivers of the bus and also its permit.

“We have asked the joint RTO, Thalassery, to issue notice to the registered owner of the bus for immediate action,” joint trans port commissioner Rajeevan Puthalath said. On the basis of the instructions, the RTO office Thalassery has issued notice to the bus owner, Shuhaib N N. Though he is the registered owner as per records, it has been learned that he had sold the bus to another person last year.

He blamed the drivers for the repeated speed violations despite giving them instructions several times. “Not only from my side, even the police and motor vehicle inspectors had warned and tried to create awareness to check the speed several times,” Shuhaib said.

Another bus by the same owner, Aashiq, plying in the Iritty-Payyavoor route, also figures in the list of top 50 vehicles that committed most number of traffic offences, mainly speeding.

As a last resort, I have made it clear to my drivers that next time if a traffic violation offence is committed, I will not take the responsibility of remitting the fine, but they have to,” he said. Posing questions on the effectiveness of speed governors, he admitted that the buses have speed governors fitted to them.

The list of 50 was compiled by the MVD as part of shortlisting repeated violations that includes 12 vehicles that have committed traffic violations more than 100 times.