This Mauka will never end. India vs Pakistan are facing each other in Champions Trophy 2017 on 4th of June in England. But Before that Pakistan is under the impression that he has the best mauka this time because India is not playing the tournament. Check out how he falls on his face.

Cricket fans cannot contain their excitement for the India vs Pakistan Champions Trophy 2017 match, and it can clearly be seen by the numerous spoof videos and the discussions on the match that have already flooded the social media. The best of these ad videos has been a parody of the traditional and famous Mauka Mauka video series by V Seven Pictures. The video is instantly going viral as people cannot stop talking about the most awaited match.

The V Seven Pictures video has already gained more than one million views and is a spoof of the famous Mauka Mauka ads that were made to promote numerous India vs Pakistan cricket matches. The Mauka Mauka Spoof video gives a summary of the entire controversy and rumours surrounding India’s participation in the Champions Trophy 2017 and ends with one of the most impactful lines. The 3-minute-22-second video shows the journey of Indian and Pakistani cricket team at a travel agent’s office and makes subtle digs at our neighbours.

The video is a mix of some serious issues of conflict between India and Pakistan and the match and will probably give you an adrenaline rush. While a majority of people are arguing that the video lacks the charm of all the Mauka Mauka videos and especially miss the famous Mauka man, the end dialogue, “Cricket hi aise jagah hai jaha tujhe harane pe saboot nahi dena padhta” which translates to “Cricket is the only place where we don not need to prove that we beat you” is working its charm slowly and steadily on the Indian crowd.