Israeli tourist’s one-wheeled cycle with no handle or break hits Munnar

The one-wheel cycle is very common in foreign countries.

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Munnar: Don’t know if one can call it a bicycle because it has no breaks or handle and has only one wheel. The cycle belongs to Nivose, an Israeli-native who is visiting Munnar.

Other tourists and locals, who found the cycle-travel interesting, started to gather around him. Soon, Nivose became the cynosure of all eyes when he started to juggle balls while riding the cycle.

The one-wheel cycle is very common in foreign countries. The cycle is operated using the body balance and can be pedalled for a distance of 12 km non-stop.

Before coming to India, Nivose had visited Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Nivose had also travelled to Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Goa. After his three-day visit to Munnar, he left for Andaman Islands. Nivose is a bar staff in Israel.