Everyone who has a driving license and has at least once experienced the horror of being late for work or lectures, or even for an exam, and there is no place to park the car. You feel the helplessness and impossibility and you park your car somewhere (not the right place) with the hopes that when you come back the car will be still there. But what happens is that the car is gone or the tires of the car are punctured. This is one of your worst nightmares. This wouldnt have happened if you choose the bus transport.

Maybe you dont use bus transport because you dont like to crowd together with all those people you dont know. Also you probably think that it is easier to get robbed on the bus. This is all true but if you are in a hurry it is so much better to sit, relax, if you are going to an exam you can turn over the pages of your lectures once again and just let the chauffeur do the driving.

Travelling with a bus is less stressful than dealing with all those drivers who are always in a hurry and doing their best to get to the place they want as fast as possible. If the way to your work or school is too long, you can do something relaxing like listening to music on you mp3 player, talking on your cell phone, chatting with friends, reading a book or whatever you think would be more relaxing for you and will distract you from the crowded bus. Also reading the newspaper on your way is a much better than driving in all these traffic jams. Buses also use different lanes, so this can even help you save your precious time for sleep or morning coffee. But driving is not the only difficult thing. Searching for a parking space is probably the most interesting part of the whole trip.

Also another example for that why you should choose a bus is going out with friends. If you are with your car, you cant drink, but if you choose the bus you will save money and problems too. Stay as late as you want (you can always catch the early bus if you stay for too long) and enjoy the night.


You can always try using bus transport for a month and see how much money you will save. You will see exactly how much money you spend on tickets for parking and for gasoline. Also when you go shopping you can stay at the mall for a long time. You can stay till the shops close, not till your parking ticket runs out, and enjoy your shopping.