Why do people call the KTM Duke 390 motorcycle a killer bike?

Mainly because of the power that it produces and the mad acceleration. 44bhp and 36nm of torque on a single cylinder lightweight motorcylcle is just insane! Very insane! And add to that a very high compression ratio. This is what makes it a killer machine. Also the price it comes and along with the features it offers! It’s just mind blowing. This is what makes it such a VFM product.

And also this power cannot be handled by a bunch of squids who refer to themselves as bikers and they crash! Fools! This also makes it a killer bike

Hope this clears your doubt! Cheers!

The 2017 KTM 390 Duke hasn’t got a bump in power or torque. That is just about the only thing that hasn’t changed about it. What has changed, is everything else. It looks the part, having derived styling from the 1290 Super Duke. The chassis, is a split one with a bolt-on subframe and the bodywork is even more minimal. The front brake is a 320mm one, meaning better bite, progression, feedback and resistance to fading. The exhaust canister has grown thanks to the Euro 4 emission regulations, which the export models have to comply with.

This has also contributed to the 11kg more that it weighs over the outgoing model. The biggest changes besides the new front brake, though, are a 13.5 litre fuel tank, meaning better tank range; a ride-by-wire throttle that eliminates the jerkiness at low revs of the previous 390 Duke; an all-LED headlamp that has a ‘split’ design like the Super Duke, and a colour TFT LCD instrument display that has Bluetooth connectivity, and that can be controlled via buttons on the handlebar.