What is the difference between Scania and Volvo buses?

Travelling in India can be a joy or a pain, depends on how you travel. Over past few years, one thing that I’m sure you will agree would be that the conditions of the highways have improved considerably in India.  Not everyone has a car and the majority still travel by bus. apart from the state-run normal and luxury buses, India has witnessed a revolution in the luxury bus segment. All credits to Volvo and Scania for revolutionizing how Indians travel and creating a market for long distance road travel.

Being a frequent traveller by bus, I decided to compare Volvo and Scania buses in this post. Once if you read this you will acquire enough knowledge about Volvo and Scania Coaches.

VOLVO and SCANIA Buses Specifications :-

Specifications of Scania Coach

➢ Tyre Size – 11R

➢ Steering: Front Wheel-9.2mm, Tandem Wheel – 6.8mm

➢ Cruise Control – >30kmph

➢ Door Open/Close not possible while Vehicle Running

➢ Live Axle –Double Wheel only

➢ Manual Gearbox with Automatic Transmission (not I-shift)

➢ 5-cylinder Inline Engine

➢ Disc Breaks to All Wheels

➢ Single Hydraulic Pump with the Individual hydraulic cylinder to each axle ➢ Mileage – 2.69 kmpl @ 80-kmph

➢ Cost: 90 Lac (not suitable for Indian roads effectively)

➢ Cost: 1.4 Crore (effectively suitable for Indian roads).

➢ Full Information display regarding various components of Vehicle; Clutch wear, Break status etc.

➢ Retarder connected with Gearbox

➢ Tubeless tire

➢ 5 step retarders: VOLVO – 3 steps

➢ No. of TV’s – 3 ➢ 3 Radiator’s

➢ The composition of Coolant is SCANIA’s Secret

➢ Turbocharger with Intercooler


➢ Switch below the Steering for Steering Adjustment

➢ 2 Speed Wiper

➢ Total Head Lights: 6+2 gave by SCANIA

➢ Air Suspension

➢ Can Drive continuously up to 2300km

➢ Tires without Buttons

➢ Can Drive Tyres with Buttons in VJA-CHENNAI Route

➢ Not possible to climb Ghats Roads which had more Turnings

➢ Engine and Transmission system are parallel to Gang Way

➢ GPS not Inbuilt

➢ All Tyres are the Same Size

➢ A/ C focusing is not convenient GEAR ENGINE BOX

Specifications Of VOLVO Coach.

➢ 3 step Retarder

➢  4 Air balloons per Axile

➢ Disc Breaks to all wheels

➢ Auto neutral of the Indicator lever

➢ Air balloon under Pilot’s Seat

➢ Gear engagement by Cables

➢ Steering Adjustment

➢ 6+2 Headlamps

➢ Only ONE Live axile

➢ Drive System parallel to Gangway


➢ 6F+1R gear (manual)

➢ Height Adjustment -8cm (all models)

➢ By raising height speed limited to 30kmph

➢ No.of TV’s -2

➢ Max Steering Angle-53°

➢ Mileage – 3 kmph

➢ ECU backside of Co-pilot’s seat

➢ Battery under pilot seat

➢ Single Hydraulic pump

➢ Mirror adjustment setup price INR 5000/- approx

➢ Adjustable AC floaters

➢ Improved Comfort (adjustable footrests)

➢ Tubeless tires

➢ No FIS

➢ Pneumatic cylinders for dicky

➢ Digital Display and Odometer

➢ Oshram headlamps 24volts

➢ Water tank to wiper connection for Wind Screen cleaning

➢ Cost-1.16lac

➢ Max Speed – 130 kmph

➢ Turbocharger

➢ 5cylinder inline Engine

➢ Very less Noise Level

➢ Cruise control.

Hope it helps.