Mileage Calculator – How To Calculate Car Mileage

With the ever increasing fuel prices all over the world, the drivers are always looking out for getting as much mileage from their vehicles as they could. Many times we go for a car that promises to give the best fuel efficiency than its competitors. But, most of us never take into account the things that affect the “real on-road mileage” of any vehicle. These may include – vehicle’s condition, style of driving, the condition of roads and traffic, quality of fuel, etc.

So it becomes paramount to know what is the exact mileage a car is giving on road? In this article, we will tell you a very basic and efficient way of calculating the “actual on-road” mileage of your car.

Steps to calculate the mileage of your vehicle, basically a fuel mileage calculator:

1. First of all, fill your car tank to the full level.

2. Now read the odometer reading and note it down. (In your mobile or diary)

3. Drive for a specific distance (say a round trip of the same fuel station from your home) to calculate the exact mileage of your car.

4. Now again fill the tank of the car.

5. Take note of the odometer reading this time also.

6. The difference in the odometer readings of Steps 1 & 4 will give you the distance covered and the amount of fuel required to do a tank full in Step 4, giving you the consumption fuel used for the trip.

7. This easy way of dividing the distance by fuel amount will give you the mileage of your car. It can be easily expressed as-

(Number of Kilometers/Fuel Consumed in Liters=Mileage of my car) or say 22Kms/1.7lts=13 approx.