A 100cc Royal Enfield? The Copycat ‘Royal Indian Bike’ Looks Like A Poor Man’s Bullet

The Royal Enfield Bullet is the symbol of the ever aspirational Indian youth and it has been the mainstay of the Indian auto industry for decades. That too, despite a huge spike in its price over the years. While the original Bullet 350 or Bullet 500 are beasts that do not have a lot of competition in India, this carbon copy of the original Bullet is making a lot of noise.

The Royal Indian is a replica of the original Royal Enfield and is powered by a 100cc engine. The bike is currently manufactured by the Bhuwaneshwar based builder Royal Udo and believe it or not, it actually does look like a Royal Enfield, albeit a smaller one.

Just one look at the bike and the bullet enthusiasts can easily point out that the spoke wheels, seat, headlamp and even the rubber protectors on the fuel tank resemble the original Enfield. The main differences, therefore, are not in the optics but the engine, which has been conveniently blackened. And while it looks like a bullet, the builder has to be credited for delivering a fuel efficiency of 90kmpl.

Here’s a closer look at the 100 cc Royal Enfield if you would ever consider buying one:

The person who is making the video also starts the motorcycle. Initially, the motorcycle does not start even after repeated attempts of kick-starting. Later when it starts, the sound from the exhaust gives a deep, thick note trying to imitate the signature exhaust note of the Royal Enfield motorcycles. However, a bike lover would be able to distinguish between the two easily.

This model is going to retail for about Rs. 60,000-Rs. 70000 and if you feel that the original is too expensive, then here’s your opportunity to buy a cheap version of Bullet.

Written By – Anshul Gandhi.