24 People Who Bought Expensive Cars And Immediately Modded Them Badly

Let’s take a look at these 24 very strangely modded cars.


I actually do not even know where to begin with this one. The Bentley Continental is a classic car of luxury and status and smoothness.

And now it is being used as an art gallery piece because someone thought that it would be good to wrap this car in designs similar to that of the artist on exhibition.

The Bentley is already interesting enough. There is no need to add anything to it. Just let it be and let it speak for itself like a true piece of art.


Here we are with Will.i.am and an interesting concoction of his own design. This is meant to be a DeLorean of some kind. Now, I’m not sure how many readers here are fans of the Back to the Future series, but surely those who are aware of it will not recognize this car as a DeLorean. In actual fact, the only part of this car that originally is from a DeLorean is the door. Sorry, the only two parts. Otherwise, Will.i.am just calls this thing a DeLorean after having ripped off a DeLorean’s wings and putting them on a wholly custom car.


I have a question for all the readers out there (even if many of those readers only ever just scan through the pictures without caring about what’s written). Who buys a Miata so they can turn it into what looks like an amateur cardboard-paneled Batmobile?

I hope this mod is at least easily undone. There is no way that someone would want this on their car 24/7. Especially when there is a perfectly fine Miata under that stuff that surely looks far better than the at least very interesting Batmobile styling on top.


Ferrari actually sent a cease and desist notice to Dead Mau5 for what he did to his Ferrari 458.

There are a lot of people who think that Ferrari was in the wrong here and that Deadmau5 should be able to do what he wants with his own car but I totally back Ferrari on this one.

I wouldn’t want to see one of my beautiful pieces of work slathered with Nyan Cat and given new badges to represent what Deadmau5 called the Purrari. Aside from that being very close to a copyright issue, it’s just plain wrong to do to a car that is already so beautiful.


I know there are a lot of people out there who love Pokemon and I’m sure I’m about to insult some of those people who love nothing more than to go on adventures and hunt down creatures in Pokemon GO but come on.

Dressing a Lambo Aventador up like Pikachu is just a new level of wrong.

Sure, I guess it would be fun to go hunting for Pokemon in this, but the chances of wrecking this sort of car while trying to get a hold of that Zapdos flying down the highway are just too high.


Alright, so here’s the thing. I cheated here a little bit. Someone could likely get a Mitsubishi 3000 for pretty cheap these days. It’s not an easy find necessarily and they are certainly overpriced considering how old they are now and the state most of them are likely in but I could not avoid putting up this strange mod of a not-so-expensive car pretending to be a very expensive car. Someone took their Mitsubishi 3000 and attempted to turn it into a Bugatti Veyron. Now…I commend whoever it was who tried to do this but at the same time…don’t do this.


I don’t know exactly what it was that he thought he was doing but Will.i.am managed, somehow to take a VW Beetle and then turn it into something that is absolutely, in no way, a VW Beetle. Sure, he may have started with body paneling and engine block and other parts from a Beetle, but the strange car he’s trying to step out of here in this photo is pretty far from any VW Beetle on the market. In some ways, I do wish this is what the Beetle did look like, but in terms of having modded a Beetle here…it is completely unrecognizable.


I have no idea how it is that something like this could ever happen. The saddest part about this Watermelon Continental is that this is not even the only one in the world, done the exact same way, with different people hanging out of it in the same ridiculous outfits. I remember when the Bentley Continental was a luxury car for the sophisticated business man or woman. I have no idea what it could be now. Nothing more than a joke of what it used to be thanks to these melonheads?


Luxury cars are just destroyed by people who too much money and absolutely no sense. It is mind-boggling. In case the heading didn’t give it away and readers cannot tell, thanks to this ridiculous wrap just what kind of car this is. Let me enlighten. This is a Rolls-Royce Ghost! Hard to believe with the camp wrap with both Military Police written on it, as well as the CIA coat of arms. above the door handles, if one were to zoom in, it even says “press to open,” as if to assume that anyone entering this car had never been near a car before.


Remember that one time where Mercedes and McLaren teamed up to make the SLR? Well, someone has come along to destroy any good memories of that car that might be out there. There is no way that a good version of this car can outshine what has been done to this very model with it’s incredibly vibrant red and gold motif. In different shots, on closer inspection, one will find that the red paint is also laced with sparkles of gold so that the whole thing shimmers. And that interior is so gaudy it’s unbelievable!


This is something I wish I could unsee. I really never think of Louis Vuitton. I don’t have the money to buy anything from the company nor is there anything from that company that I would want to buy anyway. However, I also cannot afford a Ferrari and will never be able to (unless lottery permits), but I do love to look at them. At least, I love to look at them when they are not wrapped in Louis Vuitton print. I don’t even understand how this was appealing to the kid who had this done (who was still too young to even drive the car he ruined). It’s certainly a talking piece though, that’s for sure.


So, look…this is actually pretty cool. This is something that I think is really innovative and awesome but for the fact that it was done to a car that is worth well over $200,000. There is something about mounting a camera that is worth many tens of thousands of dollars onto a car that is worth several hundreds of thousands of dollars that just makes me sick thinking of the money wasted.

Enjoy the car separately and mount the camera to a lesser car that can be modded to drive faster.

Obviously, money is not an issue here so why waste the beauty of the Lambo Huracan to make it the Lambo Hura-cam?


There is something very inconspicuous about this car that I think might be far more than just a tad obvious. It might have something to do with the car being a Jaguar itself…and then having a jaguar wrapped on it.

People may just have gotten the point without the gaudy and awful wrap.

Just look at the way the cat’s claws are coming up along the side of the car. The proportions are so out of whack that I don’t even really know what more to say than that this car is now perfectly redundant as a Jaguar.


Alright, so…believe it or not…there is a Mazda Miata under whatever this is. I don’t know how many readers here enjoy the look of the Dodge Viper and/or pay much attention to the Viper at all but I can safely say that this is not what a Viper looks like. It’s like the car has been almost fully re-paneled to look like…I don’t even know what it’s to look like but I certainly can say, without any doubt, that I hope this is not the future for the Dodge Viper. I’d rather see it go out of production again than have this.


Who would have ever thought that a Lambo would make the perfect car to take the family out on an adventure? No, that’s a serious question. Who would have ever thought of that?

I can’t imagine what sort of logic went into making a sort of flatbed in the back of this Lambo, with some cargo space added to the roof.

It’s not like this could actually be used for a family outing. Not unless mom and dad stuffed the kids in the mini flatbed…but considering the speeds they could go, I hope there are seatbelts back there.


I’m not sure what sort of terrain this design is meant to camouflage this Ferrari in…but I kind of wish it was already parked in that sort of terrain. That way we wouldn’t even notice that someone had done something like this to the beloved Ferrari F12. Sure, it’s a neat design but it’s only maybe one step up from Chris Brown’s odd Lambo design based on a set of Jordans he happened to have at one point. Now, that is messed up no matter what anyone says.


Apparently, people love using the Ferrari as the butt of a great number of jokes. Here is what a Ferrari looks like when it has been stretched out to be used as a limo. I don’t know how much it must have cost to do this sort of thing to this sort of car and I don’t want to guess how badly this has messed with the handling, speed, and mileage of the but I do want to say that it is at least far better-looking than any sort of SUV stretch limo. Like those awful Escalade limos. Ugh. I’d rather someone ruin a Ferrari to use as a stretch than hop in one of those.


I will never, ever, EVER try to understand the mind of Dennis Rodman. He has the most bizarre-looking vehicle out of pretty well all of the cars in this whole list, I think. Here is the back of his Hummer. It’s him looking out the back window at whoever is driving behind.

If that’s not creepy enough, the rest of this stone-looking wrapped Hummer is adorned with a ton of ladies who are wearing mostly nothing but sheets by their arms or on parts of their legs.

It’s a very explicit Hummer (which sounds even more ridiculous when saying the name of the vehicle).


I’ll be upfront here. I’m not a huge Porsche fan. I don’t mind them. I think a lot of them are overrated. I’m not sure what the appeal of having a Porsche SUV could ever be. But I will say one thing about Porsche that I’m sure many would agree with here. No matter what I think of Porsche, I would still never want to see anything so unbelievably gaudy happen to one of these cars. Especially a classic Porsche as this one is. And now it is clad in layer upon layer of crystals to make it sparkle and weigh another several hundred pounds.


I have to admit that I’m not too displeased with this Lambo of Chris Brown’s. I’m not happy with it and I would never do this sort of thing to a Lambo of my own (if ever that was a possibility) but It’s not near as bad as some of his cars out there.

I must refer back to the ridiculous Lambo that Chris Brown had wrapped based on a design he saw on a pair of kicks.

And I don’t mean two Nissan Kicks either. I mean shoes. This wrap is at least based on a fighter jet. If nothing else.


I’m not the biggest Beamer fan in the world and the Z4 isn’t my favorite Beamer in the world either, but what is going on here? This is something I don’t think I will ever be able to fathom. Aside from the fact that this is a pretty absurd-looking design thrown up on top of what is a perfectly fine car in the design of the Z4, it is wholly impractical. And aside from the gold-plating, can anyone guess what the dragon design is made out of? Anyone who read the heading will have at least some idea. It is made of yak bone. All of that additional build on the car is made of yak bone. Imagine the waste of time and effort and yak life to do this.


There seem to be a few car brands on this list that I’m just typically not a fan of. I happen not to be much of an Audi fan.

That being said, the R8 is still a pretty car and doesn’t deserve to have Justin Bieber driving it.

And I don’t mean like the R8 isn’t worthy enough to have Bieber driving. I mean that the R8 doesn’t deserve the tragedy that has befallen it with this ridiculous leopard print that Bieber has given it. “I’m like baby…no!”


This…oh my goodness…this. This is a Chevy Camaro. Now, as far as most of the cars on this list, the Camaro is by no means the most expensive. Comparatively, the Camaro is hardly expensive at all. However, the cost of modding this unfortunate muscle car into this giant-rimmed-scissor-doored monstrosity likely makes this a pretty pricey car. First off, the cost of materials…then the cost of paying someone off to actually do this sort of work to a perfectly fine muscle car.


Ever wonder what it would be like to see a Lambo Murcielago encrusted with Swarovski crystals? Neither have I. But let’s imagine it for a second while looking at this salmon-colored grotesque. This is already about a $300,000 car.

Now, a small Swarovski crystal necklace can be purchased for about $150. Take the size of that necklace and multiply it by however many times it fits on this car…plus the labor to fit that much crystal onto the car…That’s roughly an additional $25,000 before the labor.

So…let’s go with maybe an added $50,000 at the likely minimum. Some people have too much time and money and not enough sensibility.

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