10 reliable, USED cars at the price of an Activa: Honda City to Mitsubishi Lancer

The harsh Indian weather makes cars a favourable mode of transport. However, the high price of the vehicles and limited knowledge of the used cars make India the largest market of two-wheelers in the world. To help buyers, we bring 10 reliable and comfortable used cars that can be bought at the price of a Honda Activa! Nevertheless, one should know that maintaining a car is more expensive than two-wheelers. Even so, if you want to look for reliable options available in the used car market at the price of an Activa, here are they.

1. Maruti 800

Starts from around Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1.2 lakhs

The Maruti 800 is a living legend that refuses to die even after decades of its existence. The Maruti 800’s simple construction, engine layout and mechanicals make it one of the easiest cars to repair and maintain. It is also quite reliable and can easily last a lifetime. The 800 was the first FWD car in the Indian market and was affordable enough to be the first car of many families. Due to the strong sentimental values, the resale value remains quite good when compared to the other cars from that era. Here are a few choices that you can narrow down.

2. Maruti Zen

Starts from around Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 1.2 lakhs

The Maruti Zen is another legendary hatchback that became widely accepted in the market. The simple yet fun-to-drive hatchback offered around 50 Bhp of power, which is more than enough on the crowded Indian roads. Lakhs of units of the Maruti Zen were sold in the market and it is extremely easy to find any spare part of the car. Also, the Zen does not break down easily and can run with regular scheduled servicing for years. F

3. Maruti Esteem

Starts from around Rs. 45,000.

Maruti Esteem was one of the first sedans in India and soon became a status symbol among the middle-class families. The Esteem is quite a practical car and offers good space, comfort, low maintenance cost and is highly reliable. There are many Maruti Esteem sedans that can be seen on the roads even today. The sedan offers a lot to the enthusiasts and the engine can be tinkered with to produce more power.

4. Hyundai Santro

Starts from around Rs. 50,000.

The Santro hatchback will soon make a comeback to the Indian market. The first innings of the car in the market remain highly memorable to many. The Santro gave a stiff competition to the Maruti 800 with its spacious interiors and high reliability. There are many examples of the Santro available in the Indian market that still have a lot of miles in them.

5. Maruti Omni

Starts from around Rs. 50,000.

The Omni is one car that has retained its look and popularity in the market for a long time now. The car is the oldest car that is still in production in the Indian market and is highly popular among the transporters and goods carriers because of its high reliability. The Omni keeps on running for years without asking for much attention.

6. Tata Indica

Starts from around Rs. 40,000.

The Tata Indica was the first car that was ever designed in India for the Indian market. The Indica did not gain a lot of market share due to cut-throat competition from Maruti, but it was quite popular and Tata sold a few lakhs units of the car over the years. The Indica offers a large spacious interior that makes it much more practical and it became one of the most popular choices of the taxi-hailers. The Tata Indica is also available with a diesel engine.

7. Tata Nano

Starts from around Rs. 45,000.

The Tata Nano became famous as the most affordable car available in the Indian market. However, the “most affordable” tag did not help it to become the first choice of the buyers. However, the Nano is an extremely reliable and fun-to-drive car. The small dimension of the hatchback makes it very city-friendly. It also gets affordable spare parts that make the maintenance easy.

8. Maruti WagonR

Starts from around Rs. 40,000.

The Maruti WagonR remains as one of the highest selling vehicles in the market even today. The tall-boy design of the hatchback makes it a very practical family car that offers oodles of space. The car comes with a tried and tested petrol engine that also gets CNG and LPG option as an alternative fuel.

9. Honda City

Starts from around Rs. 40,000.

The Honda City remains as one of the highest selling cars in the segment even after 20 years of its launch. The Honda City’s timeless design through the generations and dependable reliability make it extremely popular. The Japanese engineering ensures that even the first-generation of the sedan stays in good shape and run trouble-free. Example here

10. Mitsubishi Lancer

Starts from around Rs. 45,000.

The Lancer is a true-blue enthusiast’s car that became quite popular in the market. The Lancer can run for ages if provided with good care and there are quite a few examples of the sedan that you can find for a cheap price tag online. Yes, the sourcing of parts can be troublesome, but it sure is the most fun car on this list.