Which all Aircrafts did Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi use officially?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the third most important constitutional head in India. The aeroplane carrying him would hold a de-facto callsign of ‘Air India One’ or ‘AIC001’. Even it is same for President.

Our current Prime Minister Narendra Modi used three types of aircraft for his travel.


“Boeing 747-400”

The two of the four 747-400s of Air India were used for transport of President, Vice president and Prime Minister.

They have Luxurious First class cabins, Missile dodging, SAM warning, Flaring and mid-air refuelling capabilities. Special protection group acquires the aircraft one week before PM’s scheduled state visits and no civil transport is possible.

The Indian Air Force is looking forward to replace the present Boeing 747-400 with the Boeing 777-300ER. The planes will be maintained by the Indian Air Force.


Boeing Business Jet (Rajdoot)

One out of three Boeing Business jets (737 modified wings) were used by Prime Minister. They are owned by Indian Airforce. The other two Rajkamal and Rajhans are used by President and Vice president respectively. They are luxurious but not as secure as 747s but are still competent.

This airplane is also used for foreign visits to neighbour countries like Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

For visiting military areas or places with no airplane landing facilities, IAF’s Mil mi-8 and Mil mi-17 are used.

The other VIP transport of IAF like four of Embraer legacy 600 are used by Home, Finance, defence and external affairs ministers respectively.

The rest of cabinet ministers, House speakers, Deputy ministers (Junior and Minister of states) travel in Air India business class. It is same for high ranking bureaucrats and Supreme court judges.