On Tuesday Social Media launched an awareness campaign to keep the brand new Kochi Metro clean.

The campaign’s hashtag is #KeepMetroClean. The Kochi Metro is a pride of the city and we must strive hard to keep it clean. Rules and fines apart, the Metro riders should observe basic cleanliness rules on their own and must not spit inside the train compartments and stations.

Rs 500 fine on littering

While there was one reported incident of littering on the city’s new metro, since it began operations yesterday, Kochi Metro officials told Samayam they were hopeful such things wouldn’t happen again. They acknowledged the incident may have occurred as there is a shortage of garbage bins on the platforms.

Metro officials added that in two days more dustbins will be in place on all platforms, and after that rules will be strictly implemented. Littering would lead to a fine of Rs 500.

Platforms and trains will be under surveillance, so it won’t be possible for anyone to get away with offence.