In the cases where airports do not use a jet bridge, for long distance transfers or reasons of safety, passengers will be transferred from the airport terminal arrival or departure gate to the aircraft using an airside transfer bus.

Airside transfer buses can be of common bus design, or due to not running on the public highway, can be extra long and wide, to hold the maximum number of passengers. Sometimes a trailer bus is employed. Transfer buses are usually fitted with minimal or no seating, with passengers standing for the journey. Sometimes for larger aircraft a coach is used to ferry customers to or from the terminal as coaches hold more people. Transfer buses will usually be fitted with flashing beacons for operating near airside runways. They may also feature driving cabs at both ends.

Video – Arzan 1980

A coverage taken from Indigo’s Shuttle Bus of Indira Gandhi Airport, Delhi runway and numerous shuttle buses of Indigo, Spicejet, Go Air leading to Aircraft i.e. Spicejet, Indigo, Go Air.

In cases where the airport features multiple terminals which are far apart or not physically connected, and where there exists no people mover or other transfer alternative, a zero-fare transfer bus may be employed to transfer connecting passengers from one terminal to another. Terminal transfer may also be incorporated into public transport bus networks.