Private Bus Passing Close to the Reporter – Shocking Video

Road Racing of Private Buses plying via Thrissur is famous always. So many videos are getting viral in social media nowadays. Last day, we were shocked while watching a video which a private bus make close moving near a man without hit him.

The man, Janam TV Reporter was reporting about the the pathetic condition of Roads in Thrissur. While the camera was on recording mode, a private bus came with over speed and passed closest to the reporter. He got astonished once and told “Ente Pallee…”

The Bus driver turned the bus maximum to the right side for escape from potholes.

Watch the video below…

Private bus operators in Thrissur district have threatened to go for indefinite strike if the authorities failed to repair the potholed roads.

All roads in the district are in a pathetic condition that it is difficult to conduct bus services. The condition of all main roads in the district such as Guruvayur-Kodungallur, Thrissur-Kanjani, Thrissur –Wadakkanchery and even the city roads are pathetic.

The bus owners incur heavy loss due to huge maintenance cost and increased fuel charges, the bus operators co-ordination committee alleged. Traffic blocks have been increasing. Many buses have to cut services.

New traffic reformation should be brought in the city to avoid traffic jam. Puzhakkal bridge should be opened immediately. All the roads should be repaired in 10 days.