There are also unwritten local rules of the road, which are generally understood by local drivers. As a general rule, drivers are expected to avoid a collision with another vehicle and pedestrians, regardless of whether or not the applicable rules of the road allow them to be where they happen to be.

Knowing when it is safe to enter a busy major road can be tricky to judge. A driver has to get their own car ready to go, watch the traffic flow for a gap, and then enter the major road.

Pocket Road to Main Road; Accident happened between Bus and Bike : VIDEO

Uncontrolled traffic comes in the absence of lane markings and traffic control signals. On roads without marked lanes, drivers tend to keep to the appropriate side if the road is wide enough. Drivers frequently overtake others. Obstructions are common.

Intersections have no signals or signage, and a particular road at a busy intersection may be dominant – that is, its traffic flows – until a break in traffic, at which time the dominance shifts to the other road where vehicles are queued. At the intersection of two perpendicular roads, a traffic jam may result if four vehicles face each other side-on.