Planning to take your vehicle on Ghat roads? Travel safe with these tips!

There is a significant difference between driving on plains and driving through Ghat roads. There are certain sets of unwritten rules that one has to follow when driving through Ghat roads. If you are planning for a trip and would be driving through Ghat section, read the do’s and dont’s that I have listed below while driving through Mountainous terrain.

VIDEO – Bus Driver Mass Performance in Ghat Road

Video – Kerala Drivers.

    1. Don’t be afraid.
    2. Ensure your tires are inflated properly. It is better to inflate a couple of units higher.
    3. Be aware of how many passengers and luggage your vehicle is carrying.
    4. Use engine braking efficiently. Do not rely just on your brakes. Shifting down a gear gives better control. This is a very beautiful concept.
    5. Do not depress your clutch when riding downhill. Your vehicle might roll. Do not ride with your engine off or in neutral as well.
    6. When riding downhill, stay in the same gear you would be in as if you would climb the same slope uphill. i.e., if you would climb a steep in second gear, when you are going downhill, stay in second gear. Do not ride in the higher gear.
    7. Do not try to gain excessive momentum going downhill. It might become difficult at turns to slow down.
    8. Learn to use the handbrake and moving off.
    9. Shift gears at higher rpms. On steeper inclines, you might even go upto 3000 rpm in first gear. Your vehicle might just not accelerate, stop and roll back if you shift in to second gear earlier. It is OKAY to accelerate so much.
    10. Forget about mileage for a while
    11. Turn off air conditioning. You can notice that the engine rpm increases few hundred rpms if you just turn on air conditioning. This would help your car a lot if you are climbing.
    12. Honk at every hairpin bend. Have courtesy to vehicles going uphill and heavy vehicles. Buses and trucks tend to take wider turns. Give them the space at the bends.
    13. Do not be hasty about overtaking. Receive proper signal and then proceed. It is okay to be late by a few minutes.
    14. Avoid road rash and ignore people who drive in an indiscreet manner. Give way to hasty drivers behind you. Stay calm.
    15. Park only at places where you have proper bays.
    16. Know the locations of the nearest service locations as hill areas might not be developed. In case your car breaks down, the service station numbers will come in handy.’

Follow these points and we are sure you will have a safe journey while driving through ghats.