Over Speed; Container Lorry met accident with a Pickup Van – CCTV VIDEO

Here we are sharing a CCTV footage of horrible accident between a Container Truck and Pickup Van. The incident was happened somewhere in Maharashtra State. In the below mentioned video, we can see a MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport) bus stopped on the road for departing passengers.

A container lorry (trailer) was chasing the bus with over speed. When the bus stopped, the lorry driver was unable to stop or control the speed of the vehicle. Then he turned the lorry to right side before hitting the bus. But unfortunately a pickup van was coming from opposite side and crashed with the lorry. After the crash, the lorry ran to the nearest building.

There is no any detailed news regarding this incident.

One of the most dangerous manoeuvres in a vehicle is overtaking another moving vehicle. Basic overtaking rules : Overtake only on the right unless you are passing a vehicle waiting or slowing to turn right, or there are marked lanes in which case you can overtake on the left if it’s safe.

The most important rule is that you must ensure there’s nothing coming your way and that enough space for you to pull back in after you’ve finished your overtaking manoeuvre. This means you need to judge the available space, the power of your vehicle and whether it has enough acceleration in that space to get past, and whether there are any side streets where vehicles could pull out from. Remember that the faster that the vehicle you are overtaking is travelling, the longer it will take to overtake it.

Check your mirrors, then signal for long enough to give other road users sufficient warning, check your blinds spots, then make the manoeuvre if it’s safe to.

Pull back in when you can see the other vehicle in your rear view mirror. Give way to traffic already in the lane you’re moving into.

There are situations where you must not overtake:

  • If you don’t have a clear view of traffic ahead and can’t ascertain whether you can complete the move safely, e.g. when you’re approaching a crest or curve, or it’s foggy or there’s heavy rain
  • You have to cross an unbroken line, unless there’s a broken line on your side of the road, or you are overtaking a cyclist – wait until the line on your side is broken
  • Another vehicle has stopped at a pedestrian crossing, railway or intersection
  • Where a road narrows
  • If you can see that the dividing lines ahead are about to change to double unbroken lines.

You need to become familiar with the acceleration capabilities of your vehicle so that you can anticipate how much room you will need. Bear in mind that on an uphill stretch, you might need much further to accelerate, especially if your vehicle is loaded with passengers and luggage.