Dear KSRTC Officers,

Here we are publishing some of the known bugs of your new Online Reservation Portal ( which started working recently. Before that, I would like to say something to all others who is reading this article, “We had no intention to make this bugs available for public, unfortunately we contacted the people (or person) who is suppose to handle all these kind of issues in KSRTC Chief Office and got neglected completely”. So hereby we are sharing all the known bugs and some of our valuable suggestions as well to make the reservation portal an error free and a user friendly one.

Known Bugs

1) I can change the password of any user by knowing his Email ID and Date of Birth (High Risk) (Lack of Security)

Yeah, Please don’t laugh. Its a truth. Anyone can change any user’s password who has registered in the new website  by simply providing the Email ID and Date of Birth of him on “Forgot Password Section”. This is a high security problem which can be misused by people and anyone who hacked other’s password can cancel the existing tickets which is booked by that user.

2) Displaying Password on Email

Password and Email ID (which is registered) is displaying properly on the Email which is sent to the customer while doing the registration. Passwords should not display on the Email for ensuring the security measures. Please have a look on it and rectify the problem.

3) Anyone can cancel your ticket easily

Anyone can cancel your ticket, if he is having your PNR Number, Email ID and Mobile No. This also attracts several problems with the users and I warn everyone who should not share your PNR number to everyone. Becase, one can easily cancel your ticket if he wish to do so.

4) Pictures used without Owner’s Consent.

Check out the following images. Which is taken by Vinod Vadakkedath and Antony Varghese of Team KSRTC Blog. All these images are used in the so called reservation portal without taking any proper consent from the Photographers. (Both Antony & Vinod doesnt have any problem for using their pictures here)But No Professional Web Designer will be using such pirated images on the website without having a consent from the photographer or by not giving any credits to them. (Check how Karnataka RTC website is, and what kind of images they are using. )


5) Cross check the timings and boarding points

New website is having plenty of boarding points and fare stages which is very much helpful for passengers. But on most of the schedules, the timings given are wrong. Eg: Cherthala – Palani Super Fast

6) Include SBI Internet Banking Option

7) Reduce the service charge. At present is Rs. 35/- (seems to be high)

8) If I search from Alappuzha to Ernakulam, Some of the buses will list and I will not be able to book the tickets on it. I really dont think reservation should be given for such a short distance. Instead you can limit the shortest distance to 100 kms or something.  And also instead of displaying the results and showing the errors, you can try showing a message ” reservation possible for only 150 km or more” if they select short distances.

9) Offer some discount on service charges for round trip bookings.

Please do share if you have find any other bugs other than this. Or share some of your suggestions or ideas to make this reservation portal a wonderful experience for passengers.

10) Problem for taking Final Chart before the trip

Passengers are able to book the tickets even after preparing the charts before the departure of bus. Please have a look on that matter as well.

11) Make the site mobile friendly

Even if you are coming out with a mobile app, make the present website mobile friendly by making the template responsive. So that people can easily make use of it from the mobile devices as well as tabs.

Sujith Bhakthan – For Team KSRTC Blog