Station master Anil Kumar Shukla recovered a gold chain from poop. Posted at Yeola station, close to Shirdi, and 260 km away from Mumbai. Shukla was apprised about the gold chain on July 16 from an anonymous person who guided him all the way to the toilet of a train. The caller informed Shukla that a passenger had dropped a gold chain in the toilet of a chain.

Shukla told that he rushed out of his office when a passenger pull the stop chain as he had dropped his gold chain in the toilet and wanted the railway officials to fetch it. The chain weighed 50 grams and was worth Rs 1.5 lakh. The owner of the expensive chain, Chavan Patil, said, it was a lot of money to be flushed. The orthopaedic surgeon was travelling from Nonand to Manmad in Maharashtra by Maharashtra Express and had dropped the chain while changing his gear at Yeola station.

After the chain landed in the toilet, the surgeon turned up to railway officials for help and they did not disappoint him. “After pulling the chain of the train the guard and station master came running up to me but were helpless at that moment as the toilets were biotech and Kolhapur staff was programmed to loosen its screws,” said the doctor.

The Yeola station officials asked the doctor to initiate inquiries at Kolhapur railway station. Also Read: Indian Railways Make Catering Optional in 31 Premium Trains, Tickets to Cost Less.

The doctor alighted at Phaltan, his hometown, and on July 18 his daughter informed about the incident to Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu in a tweet. Soon Pune Railway station chief contacted Patil and the next day he was asked to go to Kolhapur and upon reaching there he found the toilet was not biotech but the usual one. Then, it was learnt that the chain had fallen on the ground through the toilet hole.

Then Station master Shukla received a call and along with staff went in search of the chain within a radius of 2km. Shukla found the chain lying in the pebbles in a dirty condition and handed it over to the owner. With the help of a wire, he had pulled the chain.