The city will soon open up to share-taxi system. The traffic advisory committee meeting held here on Sunday officially approved the idea to introduce share-taxis and share-autos in the city. The system will be launched on a pilot basis from Thampanoor. Minimum distance, pre-designated routes will be chosen for the plying of share-taxis.

“KSRTC was the only body that has been opposing this move for a long time. We could reach a consensus in such a way that share-taxis wouldn’t affect the profits of KSRTC,” said district collector Biju Prabhakar, head of traffic advisory committee. As per the plan two taxis and three autos will be parked at selected spots in the morning and evening. A taxi shall carry only four people and auto three passengers. No one shall be allowed to get in once the taxi is full and until it reaches the destination.

The committee has finalized a few destinations initially under the minimum distance segment which include secretariat, museum, Thycaud hospital, East Fort and Vazhuthacaud. The routes have been chosen based on the traffic volume. In a taxi each passenger will have to pay Rs 25 while in an auto the rate will Rs 7 per head. “We won’t allow vehicles to be parked at a station once it is filled to the allowed capacity,” the collector said.

Women-only share-taxis will also be introduced as part of the scheme. The scheme will be run by forming a team of drivers chosen from those who already run the service in the city as normal autos and taxis. The committee is yet to decide on a final date of launch. “Further talks are needed and date of launch can be decided only after discussion with trade unions,” said Prabhakar.

He added that spaces will be identified on the premises of public offices and Technopark for introducing share-taxi stands. Technopark, Medical College and collectorate are the preferred locations as per the advisory committee. The taxis will be available both in the morning and evening from important government offices. There won’t be any special kind of vehicles for the project and existing autos and taxis will be diverted to the project with coordination from motor unions.

The idea of city corporation to launch share taxis driven by women by the end of this year is still pending owing to a norm of the state government. As per rules, local bodies are permitted to distribute only three-tyred vehicles under a particular scheme, be it as taxi or under any other beneficiary project.

The civic body had finalized a plan to introduce share taxis using new four-tyred Tata Magic Iris driven by women. However, the application was sent back citing that the civic body could not launch four-tyred vehicles for a scheme. The corporation has now forwarded a fresh request to the state government pointing out the need to revise the current norm. However, no reply has been received yet.

Share the trip

Rate for auto – Rs 7 per head

Rate for taxi- Rs 25 per head

Number of passengers allowed to share an auto – 3

Number of passengers allowed to share a taxi – 4

Pilot station- Thampanoor

Upcoming stands – Technopark, Secretariat, Medical College, Collectorate

News: Times of India