Same Distance, Different Fare, KSRTC Cheating Public

KSRTC Cheating on Public
Fares as per their wish on FP buses running from Kayamkulam to Vyttila
Four experiences ::
1. PBVR depot’s KLM LSFP – Vyttila to KYLM Rs 76
2. KDLR depot’s TVM LSFp – Vyttila to KYLM Rs 82 [ticket reads EKM to KYLM]

3. ANK depot’s TVM Fp – Vyttila to KYLM Rs 82 [ticket reads KKND to KYLM]
4. HPD depot’s GVR Fp – KYLM to Vytila Rs 89 [ticket reads KYLM to Kakkanad]

Argued with conductor; he says previous fare stage is Kundannur [Rs 80]. I asked him How come KKND comes in between VYttila and GVR… He replied ; if u want go and complain.. Guys… I am also posting the tickets scan image [1,2,4] for proof

This should reach so many people… Know about the cheating done by KSRTC on public
By: Ranjith Raghunath